Then and now...

80 years the network of trams in the Aude has disappeared from our countryside.
What remains of it today out of memory?
Discover the whole.

Titre Corbet-Louvet

Of course in the mid-1930s the rails were quickly raised roads and roadways restored.
But it was not the same stations. Thus, a good half of small buildings that served as stations on the line are still visible today between Castelnaudary-Belpech.
Let's discover them.

The network map

Carte réseau Castel-Belpech



Paradoxically here, the decor has not changed much apart from a very natural restoration buildings.
The sales office for TVA on the left was acquired by SNCF and tollhouse in front of him became a Bar-Restaurant.
The green hole at the center always seems to wait for the "No. 27" from Belpech.

Between the station and the road bridge located on the railway tracks, the cul-de-sac is still awaiting security convoy ... The land is still vacant.


Also here the rails before the silos "Greniers Réunis des Agriculteurs du Lauragais" in 1930, today the cooperative is still there and the decor changed much ....
Silos Castelnaudary Silos Castelnaudary


The station has unfortunately disappeared, only remained the moving of the building, the route and referral recovered and settled here after construction of the bridge on the way of the Midi in Castelnaudary.
Carte Cumies-Payra Cumies-Payra


At a bend and the right of way to the village, the station is still there, nestled at the foot of the hill. At the entrance of a private property, intact and ready to sell your ticket ...
Montauriol Gare Gare Montauriol

Salles sur l'Hers

Again the station has unfortunately disappeared, replaced by the municipal technical workshop of the town. Only remained the base of the water tank locomotives.
Gare Salles 1930 Gare Salles

Today the track transformed into green path, always shape the village to the east.
Farther on you can see some rails and who were at the end of the road for loading goods. Farther on the Jammas bridge is still there in perfect condition.
Rails TA Salles Pont TA Salles

Peyrefitte sur l'Hers

On the left side of the road a small deviation was built for the road at the foot of the hill from the village, the station is still there, almost intact.
Peyrefitte Carte Gare TA Peyrefitte


Top of the collar Mayreville (324m) to the right of the road, a large area was set for the station and a loading dock.
The area is now occasionally used by the DDE and the station serves as a shelter.

Mayreville Gare Gare TA Mayreville

Pech Luna

Again the station has unfortunately disappeared, only remained the largest earthworks building to the right of the road, just after a bus shelter to the architecture to say the least ... If justified the demolition of the station.
Pech-Luna Carte Gare TA Pech Luna

Pécharic et Le Py

The station is still there, slightly rearranged by the mayor of Plaigne in shelters and garage. Again the surface tract is sometimes used by the DDE.
Plaigne Pecharic Carte Gare TA Pecharic-Le Py


The station is at the foot of the hillside village in the middle of a near close to the wastewater treatment plant, but in good condition. The roof has even been redone, it is open to the four winds preventing them from any intrusion.
The person at the center below, recruited by the company in the "anticlerical" period, is none other than the receiving station, religious "defrocked" ...

Gare Plaigne 1930 Gare Plaigne


Terminus of the line, the station has almost completely disappeared, the land had been recovered by an agricultural cooperative. Only remains for the "insiders", part of the locomotive depot (arrow).
Belpech Carte Belpech-Depot TA
Belpech-Gare TA 1930 Belpech-Gare TA


The Belpech Castelnaudary-line was a regional event in 1903 by opening up the population of la Piège hills. It is clear, 80 years after its closure in 1933, it has not been completely forgotten. Six of the ten stations that counted the route are still almost intact! The proximity of the route followed the path there is certainly no stranger, but not only. Who has not been fascinated by a steam locomotive pulling its wagons and imagine climbing blowing the laces tight the neck of Mayreville. It still seems surreal still today. Some municipalities have realized in time that it was possible to keep the stations in the state for a few tiles installed, whether they are here gratefully acknowledged. At a time when our country saw little more than tourism why not try to use the remains of this heritage by transforming it into a hiking trail or by organizing the "Marathon de la Piège" since the line was exactly the same length ...

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Corpet-Louvet n°36Photo Permalien

Of the 40 machines Corpet-Louvet purchased by TVA in 1898 and the last 3 delivered 21 August 1912, only a few copies, all models have survived until today and 7 are classified"monuments".

Here against the No. 36 restored by "Friends of the Museum of Steam Tramways and French secondary roads iron (MTVS). It is identical to the color closely with the model of 1903-1933 furrowed our hills .. .

Here it is on the plateau of Velay at the festival of the steam VFV in May 2011.

Learn more:
The site of the "FACS" The Federation of Friends of secondary Railways



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